Always take into consideration any wait time for ferries and general traffic slow downs! The summers are busier of course. These are general guidelines for travel times if you are following the speed limit (which you really should; it's safer and costs less).

See our Olympic Peninsula regional map for locations and Driving Directions for more instruction.

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Travel Times to Port Townsend From...

Seattle - 50 miles plus ferry to Bainbridge Island (2.5 hours)
SeaTac Airport - 70 miles plus ferry to Bainbridge Island (3 hours)
Bellingham - 73 miles plus ferry from Keystone/Whidbey Island (3 hours)
Victoria, BC - 45 miles plus ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles (3-5 hours)
Olympia - 98 miles driving (2.5 hours)
Tacoma - 78 miles driving (2 hours)
Sequim - 29 miles driving (.5 hour)
Port Angeles - 45 miles driving (1 hour)
Forks - 100 miles driving (3 hours)
Kingston - 30 miles driving (.75 hours)

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