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Voted #1 Best Cannabis Store by Jefferson County and Port Townsend residents, the Chimacum Cannabis Company is your community partner for the highest quality sustainably grown cannabis products on the Olympic Peninsula. Located in the creatively restored blue farmhouse on the Ammeter heritage homestead in the heart of Jefferson County's historical Chimacum Corners farming community, we offer an expansive and carefully curated retail and medicinal cannabis experience for our valued neighbors, customers, and patients.

In line with the values of our community, we focus on sourcing cannabis produced using only organic growing practices as local and close to home as possible. This means no synthetic fertilizers or nutrients and herb that is pesticide-free. We also work to actively support cannabis farmers that share these values and in doing so further the evolution of the commercial market away from the use of legal and profitable but otherwise unhealthy and dubious chemical agents. Thank you for helping us with this mission.

With a wide variety of cured cannabis flower highlighting diverse phytocannabinoid, terpene/terpenoid and flavinoid profiles, dozens of infused edibles and drinks, abundant extracted concentrate choices and assorted tinctures and topicals, our team of experienced and friendly cannabis cultivators and licensed medical consultants will help you find what you're looking for in the recreational and medical cannabis marketplace. Thank you for letting us serve you as your top purveyor of the master herb.

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