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The Healing Model Is Broken: Let's Create Something New Together
Sunday, November 24, 2019, 06:30pm - 08:00pm

At this interactive community lecture on Sunday, November 24th, I will discuss how a culture of contradiction and isolation has consumed the training of practitioners in the healing arts. I will share from my own story how that model has cost me dearly. And I will propose a new model, something radical, brave and only possible if we do it together.

***** Tickets $10 at the door (bring cash) *****

If you practice in the healing arts - or simply care about individual and collective healing - I hope you will join your voice with this discussion.

This talk is the first of a 3-part series designed to catalyze a conversation among local healers and invite select practitioners into my 2020 Leadership Cohort for creating a different, better, healthier, more congruent, sustainable and powerful design for healing leadership. One that the world sorely needs. That I believe is within our reach when we reach together.

More about this event:

The healing model is broken.

If you are a practitioner in the healing arts like me, I know you know this, and all too well.

~ It’s that feeling of how deeply you want to relieve human suffering, so deeply.

~ It’s that knowledge of how the healing gifts you uniquely carry are designed to liberate the humans around you.

~ And it’s that agony of realizing how limited our system is for supporting the real healing you came here for.

It's time you and I got to talking about what’s in the way.

Recently a retired therapist who has trained many a clinician admitted to me, "I learned to keep myself at a distance while I was serving others".

Does that sound familiar?

The message - “Healer, help others but distance and deny thyself” - is sneakily embedded across the healing systems in which most of you are practicing.

It’s become so deeply entrenched in your pores that you don’t even question it anymore.

And the contradiction is burning you out. Undermining the joy you once felt through service. And diminishing the healing you are here to render.

I know you realize - if you ever believed healing could really make a difference - that CONTRADICTION NEVER HEALED ANYONE OR ANYTHING.

We really need to talk about this.

The other day a fellow healer confided in me that she is having a hard time in life. Naturally, I encouraged her to find her own healing support. She replied, “I’m concerned if I make my needs too known it will work against my practice. People only want to go to a therapist who is “balanced”’.

This woman is far from the only one thinking this thought. Ever had the feeling your clients are allowed to be human but you are not? That it’s not okay for you to struggle in the same way they do? And when you fall, you must hide your suffering at all costs?

This norm is insidious. You are needlessly suffering, risking burning out the beauty living inside you and recycling the old wounds that got you into the healing arts to begin with.

YOU DESERVE SUPPORT. You deserve to be welcomed into the village you serve. You deserve to receive healing in the same abundant quantity with which you give healing to the world.

I ask you this. As out of reach as it may seem now...

~ What if you could safely admit both your struggles and your joys in the company of other healers and receive nurturing and support from people who really get what it’s like to be you?
~ What if, as you receive that support, you could skillfully reveal your own humanity as you connect with your clients?
~ What if in relating to your clients transparently you might give them permission to come out of hiding too?
~ What if we all just need permission to forgive our own humanity, and that healing can begin with you?

What if?

I imagine you want to make the biggest difference you can make in this world. I imagine you want to design something different than the toxic model we find ourselves practicing in. I imagine you know something better is possible.

If you agree, then we need to talk.

Location Port Townsend Unity, 3918 San Juan Ave, Port Townsend, WA, 98368
Event Sponsor: Dr. Tartaro Intimacy Coaching
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