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The Gallery @ OAP Exhibit "Mother/Land"
Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Gallery @ OAP (Old Alcohol Plant Inn) presents its new art show titled “Mother/Land, paintings by Hart James & Hiba Jameel”, June 2, 2019 through August 4, 2019.

James and Jameel are two of the Northwest’s art scenes rising stars. One woman brought up on a farm in the Midwest and one woman born in Bagdad during the first Gulf War. Both celebrate motherhood and Mother Nature. Hart James with her richly thick abstract landscape celebrations of Mother Earth and Hiba Jameel with her equally voluptuous paintings which become a celebration of the motherly figure.

Growing up on a farm, Hart James absorbed the natural world around her small child, self. A backpack filled with empty jars, Golden Guidebooks on insects, plants and birds, she spent all of her days studying the beauty, the transience, the process and cycles, the details of construction in nature.

Hart James described her work, “My work speaks of the energy of nature. The current of the water, the flow of the air over us, the rock formations that form the foundation under our feet and the movement of those foundations. The natural world is very simply alive. It is nothing to be taken for granted. It is as much a part of us as our circulatory system.” As Paul Cezanne said, “Nature is on the inside.”

Hiba Jameel’s art serves as a way for her to process her world. Whether it is to fulfill her civic duty by criticizing the political climate or to express the sensitive, sensual facts of life through painting beautiful nude figures. Iraqi American artist Hiba Jameel triumphed over 100 international entries to win an art competition sponsored by the Newseum in Washington D.C. Hiba’s powerful painting ‘I really don’t care, do you?’ will now be a part of the collection of the Newseum news museum in Washington D.C.

Hiba Jameel also paints to heal from childhood wounds and engage others in art making via conducting interactive art events. Hiba uses the traditional teacup she grew up drinking from as a symbol of her heritage and as a part of her identity. She processes the world around her by painting her experiences, using distinct brush strokes, rich color palate and exaggerated figures. The human figure to her is a body of language that she can use to interpret experiences and convey messages. In one of her pieces Hiba Jameel calls the “Amorousness of the Motherly Figure”, she deals with the complexities and the emotional depth found in the motherly figure. Embracing all the evidence of childbirth to make the audience question the beauty standards of our modern world.

The Gallery @ OAP is located on the second floor of the Old Alcohol Plant Inn at 310 Hadlock Bay Road, Port Hadlock, WA 98339. The Gallery is open 7 days a week, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. 360-390-4017

Location Old Alcohol Plant, 310 Hadlock Bay Rd, Port Hadlock, WA, 98339
Event Sponsor: Old Alcohol Plant
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