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Intro to Handmade Tiles - 2 day class.
Sunday, May 19, 2019, 09:00am - 05:00pm

Tiles have been a part of our everyday lives for millennia. They add practical durability to our dwellings, as well as a pleasing aesthetic. This class, spread over two Sundays (plus optional kiln-opening finale), will offer explorations in a variety of ceramic tile making processes.

Day one will include hands-on instruction on several techniques such as slab rolling, sculpting, carving, mosaic murals, and sgraffito. Each student will create multiple clay tiles of various sizes that will be bisque fired by the instructor once air-dry.

Students will return to the studio for a half-day to glaze their bisqueware, discuss basic kiln usage, and load the kiln for the glaze firing.

An optional informal gathering will be offered on May 21st when the kiln will be opened to reveal the load of beautiful, glazed handmade tile. Students unable to attend the kiln opening may schedule a time to pick up their tiles or request a shipping option (not included in class cost). The tiles created in this class will be ready to hang, frame, or even install in a kitchen or bathroom backsplash! You need no art background for playing with clay, just a readiness to design, draw, doodle, and develop your own unique handmade tiles.

Location Cedar Root Folk School, PO Box 253, Nordland, WA, 98358
Event Sponsor: Cedar Root Folk School
Contact 360-379-5413,
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