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SOUL Communication Circle
Sunday, May 26, 2019, 04:00pm - 06:00pm
SOUL Communication Circle Exploring the Divine Inside

Sunday January 20, 4-6 pm   Unity of PT

 Cherie Byrd, MA  Embodied Soul Therapist  

 Twice monthly on a Sunday afternoon, we will gather and explore our souls with discussions, meditations and energy alignment practices.


We’ll be communicating with and from the non-linear aspects of the sacred that we call the Soul and Higher Self, and gaining skills for a profound melding within ourselves.

This communion with our deeper Self youthens and heals our body, opens us to profound intuition, throws open our hearts to grace, ease and joy; ignites the evolution of our DNA and releases our delusions of limitation.

We will be opening to unconditional loving, the larger truth of who we BE. It’s time to feel it!

Two Sundays each month 2019

4 pm-6 pm $20/session  

Unity of PT, Hearth Room

Jan 6 & 20, Feb 3 & 17, March 3 & 17

April 14 & 28, May 12 & 26, June 9 & 30

July 14 & 28, Aug 11 & 25, Sept 8 & 29

Oct 13 & 27, Nov 10 & 24, Dec 8 & 22

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Cherie Byrd, MA holds degrees in Holistic Healing and in East/West Psychology, was born psychically open and has been teaching energy mastery since the mid 70’s.

She currently specializes in Spiritual Awakening, Holistic Healing, Conscious Evolution, Soul Hypnosis, Sacred Relationships and Embodying our Soulself.

Cherie is a healer, speaker, trainer and the author of Kissing School, 7 Lessons on Love, Lips & Life Force. She is in practice with individuals, couples & groups in Port Townsend WA and can be reached at:

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