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Soil Conference: Soil Health and Planetary Regeneration
Thursday, June 14, 2018, 11:30am - 05:00pm

Hello farmers and lovers of the soil,

We are having an advanced soil discussion in Chimacum next week and are looking for some knowledgeable soil enthusiasts from the region to join the conversation.  Would you be interested? Or who would you recommend to invite?

We will do introductions over lunch at Farm's Reach Café in Chimacum (8972 Beaver Valley Road, (aka Highway 19), Chimacum, WA 98325). The meeting proper will be at the Chimacum Grange. Those who wish to stick around can continue the conversation after the formal ending.

The overall question we are discussing is what are the best practices for building and maintaining soil health and producing high nutrient density food.

Gary Kline has suggested that that in order to get discussion going each person pick a few quoted short statements that best reflect how they see optimum fertility and production methods working and the rest of us briefly express whether we agree with the statement or have a different understanding. If we can come to a consensus through the discussions, that would be a basis for advocating the best program for raising nutrient-dense produce and arriving at a sustainable agriculture in fairly short order; i.e., revolutionizing agriculture through changed practices.

Who is invited? Practical soil scientists and knowledgeable farmers. We're looking for folks with decades of practical experience and study.  Initially I made a comment to Gary about limiting the meeting to 10 people.  Norm Baker has suggested it be open to more people.  Let me clarify. It would be great if we had 10 to 20 seasoned hands participate. We are all busy people so we will have to invite quite a few people to get 10 or more. Thank you everyone who has contributed to the conversation so far. Gary Kline, David Yarrow, Michael Pilarski, Norm Baker, Mike Maki, Ken Miller, Pat Rasmussen. Others have seen one or more emails and we are now expanding our outreach. Who do you think we should invite?

The idea for this soil group came out of a conversation between Gary Kline and Michael Pilarski.  We want to compare notes with each other and with other regenerative soil geeks. Working towards a synthesis of our experience/knowledge/insights. Where this all goes remains to be seen, but we hope for something good to come out of this that can benefit us and the world.  The plan is for this to be the first of a continuing series.  The first meeting is in Jefferson County, hosted and moderated by Michael Pilarski. Most likely the 2nd meeting will be in the Olympia area hosted by Gary Kline.

We will audio record and perhaps videotape the conversation or do a live stream.. Mike Maki has suggested we include distant participants thru Zoom or other conference link. Anyone who can help with the technology aspect let Michael know.

We are renting the venue and will pass the hat to cover costs.  If anyone wants to stay overnight let Michael know.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend.

Michael Pilarski, Friends of the Trees Society
friendsofthetrees@yahoo.com, 360-643-9178.

Send agenda items to Gary Kline, Blossom Consulting Services
gary@blossomera.com, 360-943-5670.

Location Farm's Reach Café, 8972 Beaver Valley Road, Chimacum, WA, 98325
Contact Michael Pilarski, friendsofthetrees@yahoo.com, 360-643-9178
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