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OPHC "Twelfth Night"
Friday, May 18, 2018, 07:00pm - 09:30pm

“Twelfth Night” is OPHC's sixth annual Shakespeare production. Students ranging in age from 9 to 14 perform the play. Past and present students helped construct sets, create props, sew costumes, will provide the music and are the tech crew for the production.

“Twelfth Night” is a story of mistaken identity, concealed truth, and comic hi-jinks. After a shipwreck, Viola finds herself washed ashore on the beach of Illyria, having lost her twin brother Sebastian in the storm.  Masquerading as a young man, Viola enters the service of Duke Orsino, who is in love with the lady Olivia. The Duke charges the disguised Viola(now Cesario) to help him win Olivia’s hand.  Olivia falls in love with the disguised Viola who, in turn, has fallen in love with the Duke.

It gets even more complicated when Sebastian arrives in Illyria, is quickly mistaken for the disguised Viola/Cesario, and finds himself married to Olivia. Meanwhile, in the court of Countess Olivia, Christmas is over but no one is going home. Sir Toby Belch and Sir Andrew Aguecheek wreak havoc with an alliance of servants and hangers-on against the high-handedness of their steward, Malvolio. Eventually all is revealed, the brother and sister are reunited, Olivia discovers the trick that has been played on Malvolio, and the love triangle is resolved into two couples, Sebastian and Olivia, and Viola and Orsino. Almost everyone lives happily ever after!

OPHC actors- Ally Ferens, August Maberry, Filomena Bertucci, Gretel Maberry, Hayden Montgomery, Hunter James, Kai Campbell, Melody Douglas, Nola Bertucci, Owen Hatfield, Pascale Sanok, Peter Sanok, Sierra Douglas, Sophia Yates, TJ Brass, Victoria Brass, William DeJarnatt

Set Construction/Props and Costumes/Tech Crew - Tenzin Blersch, Elijah Bufford, Luca Campbell, Zoey Ferens, Jack Hatfield, Ariel Nieman, Stan Raines

Musicians - Zac Ferens, Viola Frank, Rowan Powell, Maria Powell

The Artistic Staff are Consuelo Brennan, Franco Bertucci, Carla Powell, Leah Brass, and Cathy Adler

All public performances will be at 7 pm Admission is by donation.

Friday May 11, Saturday May 12
Chimacum Grange
9572 Rhody Dr
Chimacum, Washington 98325

Friday May 18, Saturday May 19
Serendipity Farm
141 Cemetery Rd
Quilcene, Washington 98376

OPHC is a program serving families that provide home education with support of the Crescent School District.

For more information about OPHC, contact Karen Brennan at

Location Serendipity Farm, 141 Cemetery Rd, Quilcene, WA, 98376
Event Sponsor: Olympic Peninsula HomeConnection
Contact 360-301-3691,
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