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Red Thread Circle - Year of Gratitude
Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 06:00pm - 09:00pm

Hello Beloved Are you ready for a Year of Gratitude?

An Invitation to join a circle of women dedicated to embracing Life with appreciation.

"Appreciation is the recognition of that which makes us feel grateful."
"Gratefulness is the inner gesture of giving meaning to our life by receiving life as a gift"
--From "Living in Gratitude" by Angeles Arrien

When I think of receiving life as a gift, it shifts how I respond to everything.
No longer battered about by events of the day, I become a source of light and wisdom.
It is not happy people who are grateful, but grateful people who are happy.

Red Thread Circle
One night a month for 12 months
Tuesdays from 6 to 9 pm.

Following the cycles of the moon, we meet closest to new moon.
This is a good time for inspired dreams and planting seeds.
A good time to gather in circle for conversations.
To nurture relationships from the inside out.

Art Journal ~ Intentional Creativity
Monthly inspirations to doodle, draw, paint, & write
Sometimes messy. Always playful.

We will keep our journals active all year, adding new creative expressions each month.
All supplies provided during the circle, with room to add your own entries in between.
Your journal becomes a lively story of your explorations and creativity.

Living in Gratitude
Mastering the Art of Giving Thanks Every Day
A Month-by-Month Guide

We will follow along with this evocative book by Angeles Arrien, PhD
Angeles was "a teacher, author, and cultural anthropologist whose teachings bridge the disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and comparative religion, while focusing on universal beliefs shared by humanity."

First Gratitude Circle is FREE
$25/circle or $225/year
Open to new women for 3 months
Devotional sisterhood dives deeper in April

It takes time to get things started, to know if this is right for you.
I get that, and I want to weave a tapestry with strong foundational threads.
We will begin slow and easy. Call in a group of kindred spirits. Find your place at the table.

Creative Spirit Healing Arts Private Studio in Port Townsend, WA
Address and directions will be provided to those who inquire.

Tuesday Dates for Open Circle:
January 16th ~ Begin Anew
February 13th ~ Attend to the Heart
March 13th ~ Compassionate Service
All Circles meet from 6 to 9 pm.

The table will be set with tea, wine, and snacks.
The altar will have fresh flowers and candles.
The sanctity of the circle will be held in confidentiality.

Your Guide: Katy Morse
Color of Woman Teacher & Intentional Creativity Coach

Following the stardust lineage of Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis, Katy explores many faces of the Divine, using art as a spiritual journey for personal transformations. "I believe we all have a creative Muse who is longing to be expressed. In the paintings and courses I offer a step by step process that allows your unique image, your personal exploration of self to be revealed."

Contact Katy to join in the Gratitude Circle:

Location Port Townsend Area, Port Townsend, WA, 98368
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