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Serenade the Sea
Monday, April 16, 2018, 04:00pm - 05:00pm

For the sake of YOUR LIFE!...which is some 75% water
For the sake of the earth!...which is some 75% water, fully appreciate water; come and...

What: Serenade the Sea...
Why: To honor the waters with your joy, your art, and your appreciation!!
When: This Monday, 20th, and every 3rd Monday, from 4 pm to 5 pm.
Where: At the Maritime Center, Down Town, where the boat ramp, the steps by the water, and the "Salmon Club" sign are.

Japanese Scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, ("The Message from Water" INSB- 939098-00-1) stumbled into what seemed to him a set of changes in the molecules of water he was studying, when the water in question, was exposed to vibrations, chemicals, words, sounds, thoughts, and even emotions.

Surprised, he started what would become his life-long scientific exploration; and through powerful scientific special equipment, and with rigorous scientific exactness, he, and his team, started registering the "apparent reactions" of water molecules to different changes in energy around them - changes such as those produced by exposure to chemical imbalances, like acid rain; geological changes, such as earthquakes; nuclear radiation; or variations in (air pressure) sounds ranges, such as in explosions, music, words; and much more subtle different qualities of energy, such as emotions like anger, laughter, appreciation, hatred. The results are astounding and expressed visually in his 5 books.

In this dear Quimper Peninsula, glorious part of the magnificent Olympic Peninsula, water cuddles and surrounds us and supports us and defines us.

Water is all around us, and all within us, in our precious blood, tears, sweat, organs, tissues, bones and more!.

Please consider the importance of WATER in your life (because the Earth is 75% water); please consider the importance of WATER in your health (because your body is 75% water.) and join our group to "Serenade the Sea"!

WHEN: 3rd. Monday of the month, from 4 pm to 5 pm,
WHERE: at the boat ramp and steps patio of the Maritime Center, Down Town -under the "Salmon Park" sign
WHAT FOR?: To learn about our human inseparable relationship to water, sometimes through:

Science (Readings of Dr. Emoto's books)
Meditation (Take 1 of the pictures in the book read, and meditate on it. Appreciate the Sea)
Music (Songs we sing with singer attendees, with our words that sing, or to our cell phones)
Poetry (Read (or write) poems about the Sea/water)
Art (Paint/Photograph/Share images of the Sea or the water)
Conversation (Conversations about which moments we become more aware of the blessings of water in our lives? (For example, for me:
Dance (Play music for the water, and dance for the water)
Mandala creation (Fill up a mandala with the noun "water" in different colors")
Story Telling (Cooperative story, where each creates a sentence or two of the water-story)
Clay Sculpture (Think of one source of water (a cloud, a well, a hose, a sea: sculpt it)

For your joy and comfort,
A grateful heart
Curious hands, nose, tongue, ears, and eyes
Music (if you are a musician)
Poetry (if you are a poet)
Dance (if you are a dancer!)
An old small towel (that you can place on the floor and easily wash)
A small cushion/pillow (that you place on top of towel to sit upon) or
A folding chair, and a small hardback book (to, perhaps, serve you as a desk for our art project this Monday!)
Raincoats and umbrellas
Warm layers of clothes, AND wind-breakers!

To help each other remember to appreciate the water wherever you encounter it: Whether you find it in your food, the Sea, the faucet, the dew, the tear, the rain; if we remind each other to do that - whether alone or in a group - we are on track! - and if you can't join us this month, perhaps next month you'll come, and we'll honor the water together next month!.

Location NW Maritime Center, 431 Water St, Port Townsend, WA, 98368
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