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JC Library: PTFF Roadshow
Friday, September 15, 2017

Jefferson County Library is proud to be a part of the 2017 Port Townsend Film Festival by hosting a free cinema at the library.  All films are open to the public free of charge with advance ticket.  Tickets will be available at the library 30 minutes prior to film start. Film synopses available at www.jclibrary.info

Friday, September 15

PTFF Skid Row Marathon
10:30 am - Skid Row Marathon
USA I 2017 I 85 min
Director: Mark Hayes
Marathon runner and criminal court judge, Craig Mitchell, creates a running club for a diverse array of men and women living in a homeless shelter on Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles. Contrary to presumptions about the homeless, some with criminal records, rarely do we witness such commitment and dedication. Mitchell's runners go on to compete in international marathons.

PTFF Her Magnum Opus
12:45 pm - Her Magnum Opus
USA I 2017 I 60 Min
Director: Marta Renzi
A meditation on love silently and brilliantly told in movement, Her Magnum Opus depicts life and friendship through dance. A circle of friends come together to celebrate the life of their matriarch and mentor, Octavia Melody. The actors are a multi-generational cast of performers from Broadway, dance and film.

Her Magnum Opus is preceded by:
A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud.
USA I 2016 I 30 min
Director: Karen Allen

Basing her film on a short story by Carson McCullers, Academy-award-winning actress Karen Allen makes her directing debut. A boy steps into a cafe and has a Zen-like encounter of wisdom passing from one generation to another.

PTFF Swim Team
3:00 pm - Swim Team
USA I 2016 I 90 Min
Director: Lara Stolman
A father refuses to accept a medical diagnosis that his severely autistic son will never walk or talk. Determined to change the expected trajectory of his son's life, and that of other autistic children, he creates and coaches the "Jersey Hammerheads." Swim Team chronicles the overwhelming struggles and extraordinary triumphs of three young athletes with autism and demonstrates how sports, and in this case, a swim team, can ignite hope, independence, inclusion and triumph.

Saturday, September 16

PTFF Bugs on the Menu 2
10:30 am - Bugs on the Menu
USA I 2016 I 78 Min
Director: Ian Toews
An estimated two billion people eat insects, a source of complete protein and essential nutrients, worldwide. With rising temperatures, desertification and population growth threatening world food supplies, the west is abuzz with insect cuisine. Cricket farms are the new rage. The movement is growing exponentially, especially with open-minded millennials.

Seattle-based bug chef, David George Gordon demonstrates cooking insect edibles (and will sign copies of his insect cookbook) at "Bugs and Beer" on Taylor Street near the beer garden, Sunday, September 17 at 2:00 pm.

Bugs on the Menu is preceded by:
Food City: Feast Of The Five Boroughs
USA I 2016 I 20 min
Director: Matthew Fleischmann, Lars Fuchs

In the past, if you didn't grow, find or trade food locally for yourself and your family, you starved. Today food is a global enterprise. You buy it at your supermarket from all corners of the world. Filmmakers Matt Fleischman and Lars Fuchs challenge themselves to cook and serve a four-course meal for eight people–using only ingredients grown, caught, or foraged from within the five boroughs of New York City.

PTFF Under the Same Sun
12:45 pm - Under the Same Sun
(Ek Surya Ke Taley)
Canada, India I 2015 I 93 Min
Director: Mitra Sen
Under the Same Sun (Ek Surya Ke Taley) explores the mind of a confused young man, Karim Jamal, a failed suicide bomber who accidentally falls into the hands of a group of Hindu and Muslim orphans in the medieval town of Jaisalmer, near the border of India and Pakistan. As the children tend their injured stranger and welcome him into their adopted family, Karim struggles with the true meaning of brotherhood and compassion, compelling him to rethink the purpose of his life. Hindi with English Subtitles.

PTFF Bending the Arc
3:00 pm - Bending the Arc
USA I 2017 I 102 Min
Director: Kief Davidson, Pedro Kos
Thirty years ago, a group of improbable heroes, including Dr. Paul Farmer, came together on a mission both medical and moral, and highly unlikely to succeed. Their goal was to make high-quality healthcare available to everyone, even in the world's poorest countries. Fighting entrenched disease, political and bureaucratic machinery, and the "charity-industrial complex" itself, these crusaders insisted that health care is basic human right in every society and in doing so, changed the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Sunday, September 17

PTFF Different Flowers
2:00 pm - Different Flowers
USA I 2017 I 99 Min
Director: Morgan Dameron
An unhappy bride runs away minutes before saying "I do," with the help of sister, Emma, who has already prepared a "breakup package". The sisters drive away in "Albert," Emma's irascible jeep, toward their grandmother's farm, and find a new perspective on their relationship and life in general. A comedic treatise about learning to follow your heart. Beautifully filmed across the American heartland.

Different Flowers is preceded by:
USA I 2017 I 13 min
Director: Megan Brotherton

As a daughter attempts to pack up her deceased mother's personal items, an unexpected visitor arrives at the door. Sweet, haunting and a unique take on grief.

Location Jefferson County Library, 620 Cedar Ave, Port Hadlock, WA, 98339
Event Sponsor : Jefferson County Library
Contact 360-385-6544
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