, launched in 1998, is the premier online resource for Port Townsend and East Jefferson County, Washington.

PTguide celebrates its 22nd Anniversary in 2020 and we are eternally grateful for our Business Listing supporters and Sponsors! As one of the last independent community web sites anywhere, it's been an amazing journey. Many thanks to all!

Our History

The site began in 1998 as an independently owned site in an effort to centralize the online traffic to Port Townsend, maximizing local business' exposure to the outside world and ensuring that all events taking place in Port Townsend could be found in a central place. In the "wild west" period of the early web circa 1993-98, everyone wanted a piece of this jewel of a town. To preserve our unique identity, PTguide embarked on a 3 year project to establish this community portal and provide a consistent, reliable source of information. This is the result.

PTguide is dedicated to the sustainable social and economic well-being of Port Townsend and East Jefferson County, WA. Our goal is to deliver up-to-date information reliably, ethically and accurately to highlight the unique businesses, organizations and events of our community. We pride ourselves on having a digital face, but a personal connection to our visitors, event coordinators, businesses and organizations.

Enjoy! Jon Muellner Owner/Founder PTguide -

We have stayed true to our original mission - check out an archived 1998 version of the site on the Way Bay Machine!

Thank you for visiting and help support PTguide by patronizing our local sponsors and businesses!

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