Townsend Bay Property Management

412 Logan Street
Port Townsend
Contact: Donna Murphy Doney

Townsend Bay Property Management represents more than 200 properties in Jefferson County. Our philosophy of managing residential properties is simple: Integrity comes first - We comply with laws as they relate to residential rentals (WA State Landlord-Tenant Act), and WA Real Estate License Law, while maintaining the highest standards of ethics and fairness.>/p> Carefully screen/select all tenants - we are as equally careful in selecting tenant for the $450 monthly rental as we are for the $1900 monthly rental. Be fair and friendly with tenants - If we have done our job in selecting a good tenant, that tenant will expect to be treated fairly and with respect. Whether the rental market is tight or soft, a good tenant is important to us.

All of our properties are important - A $600 per month rental gets as much care and attention as the $1900 per month rental.

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