The Registry is for visual artists within Port Townsend and East Jefferson County, Washington. This is an evolving list and may not be current for all entries.


Name City Contact Medium
Tamera Abate PT 360-379-1050 Clay Artist
Diane Ainsworth PT 360-379-9620 Oils, Watercolor
Diane and Peter Allen PT 360-385-2389 Graphic and Fine Arts
Mark Wade Allen PT 360-385-4495 Email Painting, Mixed-Media, Fabric/Woven Art
Ruth Apter - One Hundred Horses PT 360-385-1477 Email Raku-fired Ceramic Animals and Tiles
Pat Austin PT 360-379-8873 Poetry, Writer, Printmaker, Painter, Mixed Media
Barbara Babcock PT 360-385-4186 Watercolors, Impressionist
Barbara Baker PT 360-385-4617 Watercolors
Christine Barr PT 360-385-3657 Wall Sculpture, Witches-Sticks
Don Barr PT 360-385-3657 Porcelain, Sculpture, Bronze
Jacquelyn Barr PT 360-385-3657 Painted Silk Screen Tri-folded
Marion Bartl PT 360-385-9266 Watercolor, Monoprints, Mixed
Kim Becker Fay PT 360-379-0384 Metal Art-Jewelry/Wall Pieces
Brenda Beeley PT 360-821-8088 Email Clay Masks, Sculpture
Rae Belkin Port Ludlow 360-437-9442 Email Painting, Mixed Media
Lisa Benshoof Quilcene 360-765-4459 Sculpture and Poetry
Lori Bernstein PT 360-385-2227 Visual 3D - Teacher
Sally Binns Quilcene 360-765-3079 Photography
Walter Biondi Port Ludlow Email Oil Painting, Author
Michael Biskup PT 360-379-4893 Paintings and Drawings
Amy Blackman PT 360-379-1450 Graphic Design
Elizabeth Blake PT 360-509-0807 Email Oils, Watercolors, Illustration in Mixed Media
Dahti Blanchard PT 360-385-1028 Specialize in Medieval/Renaissance
Marjorie Bonar PT 360-385-7394 Silk Painting and Dyed Clothing
Nancy Botta PT Email Handcrafted Beach Glass Jewelry
Mary Bradley PT 360-379-3733 Email Poetry
Debra Brochin PT 360-379-1934 Email Acrylic, Mixed Media, Printmaking
Ela Brickson PT 360-385-9693 Upholstered Art Furniture
Margery Brown PT 360-385-7991 Oil, Pastel, Acrylic, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Batik
Rebecca Burt-Evans PT 360-385-9687 Poetry/Prose Writer
Carapace Arts
Sarah Ohman and Mark Twain Stevenson
PT 360-385-9037 Email Sculpture and bronze casting
Lucy Carpenter PT 630-399-0137 Email Oil painting, ceramic sculpture, steel sculpture
Jessie E. Carrasco PT 360-385-6613 Realistic Portraits/Landscapes
Pamela Catley PT 360-385-9693 Artful Reupholster Vintage/New
Donna J. Caulton PT 360-379-5465 Email Paintings and Prints
George J. and Helen and Chechopoulos
Nordland Email Pottery, handmade Ceramic Tiles and Murals
Peggy Christensen PT 360-385-1315 Visual 2D
Fusa Mastui Coleman PT 206-712-9023 Pottery
Lois Coleman PT 360-385-2869 Scenics and Abstracts
David Conklin PT 360-344-3383 Photography
Nancy Cowan Port Ludlow 360-437-1417 China Painting
Joyce Cox PT 360-385-1967 Decorative Painting, Needlework
Leslie Cox PT 360-385-6588 Oils, Linoleum and Wood Cuts
Denise Coxen PT 360-379-1585 Watercolor
William Crook PT 360-385-7092 Painting
Diane Gale PT 360-316-9627 Email Pottery, Woodfired and Glazed pottery for kitchen and home
Nan Dickinson PT 360-344-3378 Design, Build Children's Furniture
LB Driver PT 360-381-5089 Email Painting (Mixed Media), Writer
Kate Dwyer PT Email Reverse Glass Painter
Sandra Dodson PT 360-379-0699 Email Oil, Pastel Paintings
Thorne and Dorine Edwards PT 360-385-3596 Drawing, Painting, Pottery, Sculpture, Printmaking
Frank Eliel PT 360-379-2696 Oil, Pastel
Dale S. English PT 360-379-8432 Watercolor, Acrylic, Batiks
Donna English Chimacum, 360-732-0590 Oil, Pastel, Acrylic
David Eisenhour PT 360-379-8478 Email Sculptor
Craig and Caroline Erickson PT 360-379-2576 Email Graphic and Interactive Design
Janet Tarjan Erl PT 360-301-9309 Email Watercolor and Oil Paintings
Barbara Ewing PT 360-385-3151 Clay, Functional Ceramics
Kimm Fay PT 360-379-0384 Email Painting, Clay, Mixed Metal Jewelry
Dana Fickeisen PT 360-385-4255 Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media
Jeremy Fields PT 360-385-5609 Email Graphic Design, Illustration, & Fine Art
Karine Fisher PT 360-385-4193 Acrylic, Paintings, Collages
Josh Freier PT 360-385-6032 Sandpaintings, Stain Sand Lamp
Norma Fried PT 360-385-9309 Visual 2D
Diane Gale PT 360-316-9627 Pottery, for the home and kitchen
Rachel J. Gaspers PT 360-385-6910 Sculpture in Glass/Cement
Theresa Gibson PT 360-385-1138 Dollmaker, Playwright, Music
Johanna Goering PT 360-379-1625 Wildlife Photography
Joan Goff PT 360-385-9462 Photography
Vicki Ledray Grabicki PT 360-385-6152 Email Paintings
Susan Grant PT 360-379-0947 Email Fine Art Photography
Danelle Greer PT 360-301-4770 Email Tile Mosaics & Mixed Media
Max Grover PT 360-385-3037 Email Acrylic Paintings & Children's Book Illustration
Janice J. Gruber Port Ludlow 360-437-9266 Oil, Watercolor, Florals, Landscapes, Portraits
John Hansen PT 360-379-0186 Classic Hand-Bound Blank Books
Lucy Congdon Hanson PT 360-379-9444 Email Painting, Sculpture
Jack Hardie PT 360-379-0175 Photography
Maitland Hardyman PT 360-385-0848 Painting, Sculpture, Drawing
Rose Harris PT 360-385-4067 Poetry
Jay Haskins PT   Charcoal Pastels, Acrylic Ink
Laurie Henderson Chimacum 360-732-4680 Painting
John Holm PT Email Acrylic
Phoebe Huffman PT 360-385-7071 Ceramic Sculpture
Marjorie K. Illman Nordland 360-385-4854 Email Painting
C.G. James PT 360-379-4048 Email Oils, Multimedia
Lois James Port Hadlock 360-437-0422 Handmade Paper, Collage, Artist Books
Linda Jarvis Chimacum 360-732-4523 Email Mixed Media, Sculptures, Assemblages, and Paintings
Steven R. Johnson PT 360-385-4067 Photography, Philosophical Landscapes
Twila Joyce Nordland 360-379-9604 Painting, Mixed Media
Sy Kahn PT 360-385-9499 Writer, Poet, Theater Director
Catherine Kane PT 360-385-3870 Porcelain, Pastel Portraits
Tyber Katz PT Email Statuary Sculpture/ Cats & Pugs
Carol Kenealy Port Hadlock 360-385-7619 Email Fine Art One-of-a-Kind Beaded Jewelry
Rita Kepner Nordland 360-385-5971 Email Sculpture, Drawing
Peter Kinney PT 360-379-8764 Scrimshaw Art (Fosil Ivory)
Andi Kostka PT 360-385-9613  
Mike Kowalski Nordland 360-379-9691 Wathercolor, Figures, Landscape
Eileen Petrie Ladendorf PT 360-379-0384 Handmade Paper (Native Plants)
Paula Lalish Nordland 360-385-4265 Folk Harp Music
Patsy Lamberton PT 360-385-1051 Photography
Counsel Langley PT 360-379-4943 Email Painting
Liz II La Shelle PT 360-379-9329 Painting, Mixed Media
Andrea Lawson Port Hadlock 360-385-1379 Email Oils, Drawing, Printmaking
Tim Lawson PT 360-440-7660 Email Sculptural Fine Furniture
Keith Lazelle Quilcene 360-765-3697 Fine Art, Nature Photography
Joshua Lee PT 360-385-2397 Custom Wood Handcrafted Furniture, Toys, and Accessories
Lou Le Hurdy Port Ludlow 360-437-0905 Sculptures in Wood/Marble/Clay
Marchia B. Lewton PT   Fiction Writer/Poetry
John Liczwinko PT 360-385-3515 Email Sculpture
Liz Lindstrom PT 360-385-6647 Poetry
Evelyn Livingston PT 360-385-2063 Fiction
Carol Toyne Long PT 360-385-1983 Paintings, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Beaded Wearables
O'Neil D. Louchard PT 360-385-1594 Painting, Multi-Media Sculpture
Carolyn Joy Love PT 360-385-7166 Acting, Comedy, Inspirational Writer
Nan Lovington PT 360-385-7324 Watercolors, Mixed Media, Acrylics
Deedra Ludwig   Email Encaustic, Mixed Media Paintings, Site Specific Installations
Michel G. Malter Chimacum 360-732-4166 Expressionist, Acrylic Painter
Mark Mandell PT 360-385-5962 Photography
Carole Marshall PT 360-379-5466 Poetry, Fiction
Glen D. Martin PT 360-385-7975 Painter, Landscape/Portraits
D. Kevin Mason PT 360-379-6803 Email Photography, architectural details
Michel Matter Chimacum 360-732-4166 Acrylic Painter
Aretta McClure Quilcene 360-765-4034 Photography
Bill McClure Quilcene 360-765-4034 Photography
Nancy McDaniel Chimacum 360-732-0271 Email Silver Jewelry/Dichroic Glass, Other Media
Paul McMahon Port Ludlow 360-437-2010 Photography
Beverly Michaelsen PT 360-385-1311 Email Figure Drawing and Painting, Fiber Arts
Bonnie G. Morrow PT 360-385-5652 Email Oils, Acrylics - Abstracts
Arliss Newcomb PT 360-385-7150 Stone Sculpture
Michael Nordstrom Port Ludlow 360-437-9511 Ceramics
David North PT 360-385-0277 Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking
Susan Ogilvie Port Hadlock 360-437-0416 Landscape Pastels
Sarah Ohman PT 360-385-9037 Email Sculpture
Linda Okazaki PT 360-385-5204 Email Painter, Printmaker
O'Vivian PT Email Artist, Writer, Portraits, Oils, Mixed Media, Impressionist & Surreal
Sammie Parker Port Hadlock 360-385-2668 Photography
Yvonne Pepin-Wakefield PT 360-385-4561 Email Painting, Architectural Art Installations
Rima Phillips PT 360-385-4737 Beadwork, Baskets
Noa Piper PT Email Painter, Printmaker
Ellie Polk PT 360-379-4069 Oils
Lynda Pollard PT 360-370-0650 Plant Markers, Garden Plaques, Ceramic Flower Pots
Laura K. Poponoe PT   Mixed Media, Collage, Oil, Acrilylic
Tony Porto Chimacum 360-732-4487 Poetry on Wood Plaques
Ron Ramage PT 360-385-1060 Mixed Media Drawings
Julie Read PT 360-464-8273 Acrylic Paint
Susan Redue PT 360-379-2240 Paint, Design with Dyes on Silk
Ellen Reichart PT 360-385-4646 Painter, Sculptor
Lucille Reinen PT 360-379-0451 Drawing, Painting, Mized-Media Sculpture
Wally Reisland Chimacum 360-732-4656 Photography
Art Reitsch PT 360-379-4041 Black and White Fine Art
Lisa Rhodes PT 360-385-4798 Photography
Martha M. Richards PT 360-385-3815 Watercolor, Oil Painting
Cavin Richie Port Ludlow 360-437-2384 Email Bronze Jewelry & Sculpture
Diane Roberts PT 360-385-2764 Fused Glass, Stained Glass
Sharon Lia Robinson Port Townsed 360-379-6412 Email Mixed Media, Art, Poetry, Creative Dance
Patt Roche PT Email Weaving, Watercolor, Beadwork & Rosemaling
Seth Rolland PT 360-379-0414 Email Custom Furniture and Functional Art
Pat Sandmann PT 360-385-5857 Pastel Landscapes and Portraits
Sharon Saindon PT 360-344-4096 Metal Design
Anne Schneider PT 360-379-8752 Photography
Henner Schroder Chimacum 360-732-7522 Email Glass and Steel Sculpture
Jennifer Schwarz PT 360-379-9165 Woodcarving, Custom Furniture
Jack Scott PT   Porcelain
Carl Sebastain PT 360-379-1073 Maritime, Historic, Watercolor
Richard Shipley PT 360-385-9024 Photography
Thom Sisk PT    
Sheila Smith PT   Pastel, Collage
Peggy Smith-Venturi PT 360-385-6010 Mixed Media Sculpture
Donna Snow Port Ludlow 360-437-0592 Email Collage/Mixed Media and Book Artist
Janice Speck PT 360-385-4519 Working with Felted Wool
Carol Heath Stabile PT 360-379-9708 Email Painting, Photography, Pastel, Graphic Design
J. Kent Stansbury Port Ludlow 360-437-2902 Photography, Painting, Watercolors
Kurt Steinbach Nordland 360-385-1045 Email Sculpture in Most Materials
Seth Stephens PT 360-385-4675 Watercolors of Pacific Northwest
Mark Stevenson PT 360-385-9037 Email Sculpture, Metal Casting
Lisa Stout PT 360-385-6417 Email Painter and Writer
Sandra Stowell PT 360-385-6417 Email Paint, Print, Mixed Medium
Jolene Sunding PT 360-379-5450 Email Watercolor, Acrylic, & Mosaic
Marianna Sullivan PT 360-385-0762 Email Painting: Pastel, Watercolor
Eric Swangstu PT 360-385-9562 Email Painting
Heinar Tamme PT 360-385-5250 Paintings - Watercolor/Oil
Judith Tavenner PT 360-385-5172 Woodworking: Small Scale, Asian Influence
Kif Thacker Chimacum 360-732-7354 Photography
Lea P. Thompson PT 360-385-4508 Contemporary in All Media
Mark E. Thompson PT 360-385-4412 Steel Sculpture, Pottery
Don Tiller PT 360-379-5450 Email Acrylic & Oil
Jim Tolpin PT 360-385-5247 Fine Wood Furniture
Luke J. Tornatzky PT 360-531-0054 Email Pastel
David Turner Nordland 360-379-6926 Email Watermedia Painting
Nan Toby Tyrrell     Poetry, Piano
Marilynne Urquhart PT 360-379-5230 Photography
Richard Jesse Watson PT 360-385-7805 Email Children's Book Illustrations
Jim Watson-Gove PT 360-379-0391 Email Painting, Poetry, Small Press Publishing
Michelle M. Waye PT 360-385-3253 Email Pyrographed Gourds
Deja Webster PT 360-385-2662 Email Photography, Unique Basket Making
Girane White PT 360-385-7895 Realistic Oil and Watercolor
Sylvia White PT 360-379-6833 Email Basketry, Mixed Media
David Whitney PT 360-385-6190 Cultural Portraiture, Landscape
Diana Whitney PT 360-531-0480 Email Oil, Acrylic
Cathie Wier PT 360-202-0677 Email Fiber, Weaver
Marian Wiederrich PT 360-385-0674 Email Painter, Mixed Media, Writer, Poetry, Playwright, Sculptor, Prints, Cards, Lecturer
Helga Winter PT 360-385-3722 Email Turned Wood
Georgia Wood PT 360-385-6384 Visual 2D/3D
John Woodman PT 360-379-9453 Photography
Stephen Yates PT 360-385-4330 Email Paintings, Prints, Mixed Media
Andrea Zeusche Port Hadlock 360-379-2607 Watercolor, Florals

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