Name: Nathaniel D. Hill House
Year Built: 1868
Location: 1310 Clay Street
Area: Uptown Port Townsend

Hill arrived in the Northwest in 1852, having sailed from Pennsylvania to the Isthmus of Panama, traveled by mule, and boarded another ship for Whidbey Island. After a stint of farming and managing an Indian agency on Whidbey Island, he came to Port Townsend in 1868 with his wife, Sallie Hazeltine Haddock Hill and their two sons, Robert Crosby Hill and Howard Hazeltine Hill.

Ultimately N.D. Hill became one of the most successful and well-respected men in the Washington Territory. He was the first manufacturer of medicinal drugs in the area. A shrewd and hard-driving businessman, he took full advantage of pioneer opportunities and involved himself in such diverse commercial activities as banking, railroads, saw mills, and telegraph companies. As a territorial representative and county commissioner, Hill became one of the leaders in the drive for statehood. He owned the N.D. Hill Building, downtown, which now houses the Water Street Hotel. He ran a drug store from the building, which, at the time of its sale was the oldest business in the state.

Three generations of the Hill family were raised in the N.D. Hill House on 1310 Clay Street. It remained in the family until 1958, when granddaughter and longtime Port Townsend resident Sallie Hill sold it, after the death of her father, Howard Hill, at the age of 93. Sallie Hill died in 1977 at the age of 87.

Although some remodeling was done before the sale, such as enlarging and confining the wrap-around porch, major renovations, especially in the kitchen area, were done in recent years.

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Data modified from the National Register of Historic Places, the former Victorian Festival Heritage Home Tour, property owners and other sources. All material copyrighted by

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