Lewis HouseName: Wyndham J. Lewis House
Year Built: 1908
Area: Uptown Port Townsend

This Craftsman style shingle home demonstrates the features which appeared at the beginning of the 20th Century when the Victorian style moved away from gingerbread ornamentation toward more basic shapes.

This home has medium pitched roof with low shed dormers and wide eves with exposed rafter tails. The wide porch is framed by six large columns.

The home decor reflects the owners' careful attention to detail in blending historic quality with traditional furnishings.
Architectural details grew out of the Arts & Crafts Movements emphasized handcrafted features over machine-made. You will see wooden built-ins, tile fireplaces, and stonework.

Data modified from the National Register of Historic Places, the former Victorian Festival Heritage Home Tour, property owners and other sources. All material copyrighted by PTguide.com.

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