Fuge HouseName: John E. Fuge House
Year Built: c. 1879
Location: 1609 Washington St.
Area: Uptown Port Townsend

Mr. John Edgecomb Fuge built this house in 1879 as a home for his family. Mr. Fuge was a ship's carpenter originally from Plymouth, England. He, his wife Eliza and, subsequently, his descendants lived in the home until 1962. Mr. Fuge owned the block that the house is sited on, and built the three cottages immediately to the east, as well.

The house is an example of the Italianate style, distinguished by its simpler overall design, tall windows and brackets at the roofline. Originally, the house was heated with coal and had no indoor plumbing. There was a tin tub in the kitchen where hot water could be heated. The bathroom was an outdoor privy.

Mr. Fuge used his shipwright's craft to good advantage in the house. The front staircase is built with only a single nail, and after 140 years, still does not squeak.

The woodwork in the house was faux grained throughout. Local fir was painted to look like oak, mahogany and walnut on the baseboards, windows, sills, stairs and all the doors. Most of the original graining is intact. The rest has been restored by the owners so that the entire house has its original look again.

The walls of the house are plaster. Again, most of the walls were intact; but some had broken. These have been repaired using an authentic plaster recipe over lath. The windows are original, double-hung windows and still have their cast iron window weights to facilitate raising and lowering.

The house sits on a new foundation, and has a cedar shake roof.

In 2018, the Fuge Home was awarded the Jefferson County Historical Society’s Mary Johnson Award for the excellence and authenticity of its restoration.

Data modified from the National Register of Historic Places, the former Victorian Festival Heritage Home Tour, property owners and other sources. All material copyrighted by PTguide.com.


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