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Jefferson County Energy Lunch
Thursday, February 16, 2017, 12:30pm - 02:00pm

Key Speaker: Victor E. Cordell, Vice President, Business Development, HEC/TINA, Greeneville TN, starts at 12:30pm

"First Local Green Fuel Use Can Be in New Low-Cost 26 kW Gensets"


That incessant banging that we hear now daily in the media is the sound of opportunity in the energy business that is beginning to get everyone's attention.

The new one-page national energy policy (see: https://www.whitehouse.gov/america-first-energy) recognizes that "energy is an essential part of American life," that "we have vast untapped domestic energy reserves right here in America," that energy development produces "jobs and prosperity," and that we can "use the revenues from energy production to rebuild our roads, schools, bridges and public infrastructure." (One trillion dollars for infrastructure improvement has been suggested as possible this year.)

Jefferson County Energy Lunch attendees have been paying attention to this energy business for years. Since 2010 Key Speakers have been telling us each month that "energy is fundamental," "local energy is sufficient," and "local energy development leads to local prosperity." In fact local prosperity is the primary local goal of the energy transition here now moving (very slowly at first) from global and national supplies of fossil fuel energy to local energy supplies in sun, wind and water, SW2 Energy." (Wildpoldsried, Germany and Güssing, Austria have shown that local energy development can rebuild downtown infrastructure, reduce local utility rates, and create new local energy businesses and jobs.) This energy transition to local SW2 Energy here is also expected to achieve the additional goals of de-carbonization and energy resilience.

Local SW2 Energy reserves dwarf those of fossil fuels.

But sunlight can't be stored and electricity needs to be used right away. Energy storage is the problem that prevents any significant transition to SW2 Energy.  
This brings us to the Key Speaker for March who will directly address this SW2 Energy storage issue in practical terms with technology that is available right now.
Our Key Speaker this month is Victor E. Cordell, Vice President for Business Development at HEC/TINA in Greeneville, Tennessee.  Mr. Cordell is currently arranging private and Department of Energy funding for pilot programs in (i) SW2-Energy-based production of hydrogen and ammonia fuels for energy storage and (ii) local application of these green fuels in local power applications including emergency power, refrigeration, lighting, and off-grid (farm) electric machinery. Mr. Cordell is a long time associate of HEC's founder, Ted Hollinger, who spoke on carbon-free hydrogen and ammonia fuels at an Energy Lunch event in June 2011.

See: http://www.porttownsendmedia.com/energy/ammonia_fuel.html

Mr. Cordell will outline a significant opportunity to start a Renewable Energy Development Center in Jefferson County that will develop baselines for electrolyzer, fuel production, fuel storage, and generator operations.

Following his presentation, Mr. Cordell will answer questions raised by Energy Lunch attendees.

Please note that the March 2017 Energy Lunch Program will take place between the hours of 12 Noon and 2:00 PM at the Clubhouse of the Port Townsend Yacht Club at 2503 Washington Street in the Boat Haven on the Port Townsend waterfront.

The public and professional Energy Lunch activity at the PT Yacht Club on Thursday, March 16th is scheduled as follows:
12:00 Noon: Yacht Club Meeting Room Available for Brown Bag Lunch and General Discussions on Local Energy Topics of Interest
12:30 PM: Key Speaker Presentation: "First Local Green Fuel Use Can Be in New Low-Cost 26 kW Gensets" by Victor E. Cordell of HEC/TINA, Greeneville TN
1:30 PM - 2:00 PM: Continuation of General Discussions on Local Energy Topics of Interest

Sonja Hammar, Energy Lunch Host, will be present at the Yacht Club to introduce Mr. Cordell and to direct the Q&A for the Key Speaker presentation.

All Jefferson County residents, business people, and government officials are encouraged to personally engage with the energy transition, renewable energy development, and energy destination opportunities that will be presented at the March Energy Lunch event.

Those who plan to attend are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch. Good sandwiches and other brown bag food items are available nearby at either Pho Thao or El Guadalajara on Washington Street, at the Port Townsend Food Coop on Kearney Street, and at other locations on the Port Townsend Waterfront or in the Boat Haven.

The Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program is an activity of the Jefferson County Energy LLC (ELLC) that is currently in the process of being formed.

Location Port Townsend Yacht Club, 2503 Washington St, Port Townsend, WA, 98368
Event Sponsor: Jefferson County Energy LLC
Contact 360-531-4567, jeffersoncountyellc@gmail.com
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